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    Boxing Week Savings

    Enjoy the best deals of the season.

    Get ready to conquer the Black Friday shopping at Southcentre Mall! With unbeatable deals and a unique shopping experience, we’re here to help you make the most of the day and get ahead of your holiday checklist. Plus, discover an exclusive gift card promotion that adds an extra layer of excitement to your holiday shopping.

    Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you have a fun and successful Black Friday shopping experience.

    Planning Ahead

    Craft Your Ultimate Wishlist

    Before venturing out on Friday, take the time to create a detailed shopping list. Identify the specific items you’re looking for, whether it’s the latest tech gadgets, fashion finds, or must-have holiday gifts. Not only does this help you stay focused, but it also ensures that you don’t miss out on the deals for the things you truly want.

    Be sure to prioritize your list, marking the must-haves and secondary items. This way, if time or stock becomes a factor, you’ll be sure to secure the most important purchases.

    And here’s a pro tip: You can use our StyList feature to enhance your shopping experience! Search and shop multiple store and curate a shopping list all in one place.

    Store Offers

    Visit our store offers page now and elevate your shopping experience with savings that will leave you smiling!


    Set Your Black Friday Budget

    Black Friday can be a shopping whirlwind with tempting discounts at every turn. Avoid post-shopping regret and overspending by making sure to set a budget before you hit the stores.

    Having a clear budget not only helps you prioritize your purchases but also ensures you have funds available for unexpected finds. Stick to your budget, and you’ll leave Southcentre Mall on Black Friday feeling satisfied rather than stressed.


    Navigate Like a Pro

    We’re home to a diverse range of stores, and navigating through them efficiently is crucial on Black Friday. Familiarize yourself with our layout ahead of time and save your energy for getting excited about your amazing finds!

    Take advantage of our digital directory to find your way and pinpoint the locations of the stores on your shopping list. Organize your route to minimize backtracking, ensuring you make the most of your time and energy.

    Plan your Route

    Rise and Shine, Shopper

    Black Friday success is all about mastering those early-bird strategies. We open at 9 am on Black Friday, so beat the crowds, set your alarm clock, and embrace the thrill of being the first in line to snag the absolute best deals. It’s not just shopping; it’s a race to the savings!

    Check out extended hours, key dates, and closures here.

    Crepe Delicious

    Analog Coffee

    Jugo Juice

    Jugo Juice

    Fueling Up

    Black Friday shopping is a marathon not a sprint so make sure to take a break from your spree and recharge at one of our delightful coffee shops like Analog, Starbucks, or Tim Horton’s or indulge in a quick snack at the food court.

    Pro tip: For a convenient and delicious hand-held snack, swing by Crepe Delicious, Jugo Juice, or Yogen Fruz. These spots offer quick bites that are as satisfying as they are tasty.


    With these insider tips and the exciting gift card promotion, you’re all set to conquer Black Friday at Southcentre Mall. Make the most of the deals, enjoy the festive atmosphere, and kickstart your holiday shopping with us. Happy shopping!

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