Please note that Southcentre will be open from 11AM to 6PM on Monday, July 1st.

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    The Pink Breakfast is Back

    Join us on Wednesday, July 10 from 9AM to 11AM for our 15th annual Pink Pancake Stampede Breakfast on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society in support of the CIBC Run for the Cure.

    In celebration of Southcentre Mall’s 50th anniversary year, we’re making it extra special with:

    • More Delicious Breakfast: Our famous pink pancakes and extra treats!
    • More Entertainment: Extra live music, performers, and surprises.
    • More Activities: Extra games, crafts, and family fun.

    No registration needed!

    Pink Pancakes for a Cause

    Join us on Wednesday, July 10th, for our annual Pink Pancake Stampede Breakfast! You might be asking yourself, why PINK pancakes?

    For over a decade, Southcentre Mall has been the only place in Calgary to serve these unique pink pancakes. We do this to support the Canadian Cancer Society to raise awareness and inspire participation, in the CIBC Run for the Cure.

    Look for our onsite QR codes to learn more about registering for the run or making a donation.

    Don’t miss out on this special event – come enjoy a delicious breakfast and support a great cause!

    Make a Donation

    Chuckwagon Display: A Must-See Experience!

    We’ve partnered with the World Professional Chuckwagon Association to bring you an exciting in-mall display packed with fun facts! Walk around our mini racetrack and get up close with dazzling trophies from various Stampede events.

    Visit Centre Court from Monday, June 24 to Sunday, July 14 to immerse yourself in our rich Western heritage and vibrant community spirit at our Chuckwagon Display. Discover the incredible history, fun facts, and artistry that define the Calgary Stampede and experience the magic up close!

    Explore the Legendary Trophies of the Calgary Stampede

    • North American All Around Championship:
      Admire the bronze action model of a cowboy riding his horse, waving his hat to the crowd. Created by the famous Cowboy Artist, Jay Contway of Great Falls, Montana, this trophy was awarded to the top cowboy in the North American All-Around Championship at the Calgary Stampede between 1988 and 1992. To qualify, contestants had to compete in two of the following events: Saddle Bronc Riding, Tie Down Roping, Bareback Bronc Riding, Steer Wrestling, and Bull Riding. The winner was the cowboy who won the most combined money in these events.
    • North American Bareback Riding Championship:
      Check out the bronze action model of a cowboy in the intense Bareback Bronc Riding contest, also created by Jay Contway. This trophy was awarded to the winner of the North American Bareback Riding Championship at the Calgary Stampede between 1988 and 1992. Bareback riding is one of the most physically demanding rodeo events, where the cowboy must hold onto a leather handhold on a bareback rigging while spurring the horse to earn higher marks.
    • North American Bull Riding Championship:
      See the thrilling bronze model of a cowboy competing in Bull Riding, crafted by Jay Contway. This trophy was awarded to the North American Bull Riding Champion at the Calgary Stampede between 1988 and 1992. Bull riding is a test of nerves and skill, where the cowboy must stay on a bucking bull for eight seconds, avoiding disqualification by not touching the bull or equipment with his free hand.
    • North American Barrel Racing Championship:
      Witness the stunning bronze action model of a cowgirl in the fast-paced Barrel Racing contest, made by Jay Contway. This trophy was awarded to the North American Barrel Racing Champion at the Calgary Stampede between 1988 and 1992. Barrel racing showcases incredible teamwork and precision as the rider and horse navigate a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels at breakneck speed.
    • North American Saddle Bronc Riding Championship:
      Marvel at the classic bronze model of a cowboy in Saddle Bronc Riding, another masterpiece by Jay Contway. This trophy was awarded to the North American Saddle Bronc Riding Champion at the Calgary Stampede between 1988 and 1992. Saddle bronc riding is a traditional rodeo event that requires style and control as the cowboy synchronizes his spurring action with the horse’s bucking.
    • Rangeland Derby Championship:
      Discover the bronze action model of a cowboy in the exhilarating Chuckwagon Races, made by Jay Contway. This trophy was awarded to the Rangeland Derby Champion at the Calgary Stampede between 2008 and 2012, and again between 2019 and 2024. The Chuckwagon Races, also known as the Rangeland Derby, are the most thrilling and popular event at the Calgary Stampede, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The top three contestants advance to the $50,000 Showdown to compete for the title of Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Champion.

    Jay Contway and His Enduring Legacy

    Step into the world of Jay Contway, the legendary Cowboy Artist from Great Falls, Montana. Born in 1935, Jay’s passion for the cowboy life and his incredible talent for sculpting have left an indelible mark on the Calgary Stampede.

    • A True Western Spirit: Jay was a self-taught artist whose love for the cowboy lifestyle shone through his work. His sculptures capture the grit, determination, and spirit of the Old West, making them timeless pieces of art.
    • A Legacy at the Stampede: Jay’s relationship with the Calgary Stampede began in 1977, and since 1988, his trophies have become a staple at the event. Each piece tells a story of the rodeo, the competitors, and the Western way of life. Jay’s last award came at the age of eighty-three, and he continued to create until his passing in 2019. Over his career, he crafted 244 stunning castings for the Stampede from 1984 to 2024.
    • The Book: “Jay Contway At The Calgary Stampede” is a must-read for any art and rodeo enthusiast. This book chronicles Jay’s journey, his artistry, and his deep connection to the Calgary Stampede. It showcases all his pieces, providing a window into his life as both an artist and a cowboy.

    Come and explore Jay Contway’s amazing work, celebrate his legacy, and see firsthand why his art continues to inspire and captivate.

    Celebrating 50 Years of GMC Stadium

    Celebrate the grand legacy of GMC Stadium, a cornerstone of the Calgary Stampede! Here are some fascinating facts that bring its vibrant history to life:

    • Growing the Stampede: The immense success of the Calgary Stampede created an exciting opportunity to expand and enhance the experience for chuckwagon racing fans. This led to the vision of a new, larger grandstand that would bring fans closer to the action.
    • A Vision in 1970: The new design brought fans closer to the action, offering unobstructed views and a larger racetrack, accommodating up to 19,500 people.
    • Opening Day Magic: On July 1, 1974, E.P. Taylor led the grand opening ceremony, marking a new era for the Stampede. The excitement was palpable as Kelly Sutherland clinched victory in the inaugural Rangeland Derby on the fresh track.
    • Renamed and Revamped: In 2022, the grandstand was renamed GMC Stadium, continuing to host over 350,000 visitors during the Stampede, with 250,000 fans cheering on the thrilling chuckwagon races.
    • Golden Anniversary: In 2024, join us as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Chuckwagon Races at GMC Stadium. It’s going to be an unforgettable celebration of speed, skill, and tradition!