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    Long-standing chain serving a wide variety of pancakes & other American breakfast & diner fare.


    Truedan remains dedicated to turning our bubble into “elixirs”.

    A year of continuous experiments and refinements to our proportions later, we have developed the perfect 0.85cm bite-size bubble. They are bathed in hand-cooked brown sugar and served with milk from carefully selected independent dairy farms. With this, we have popularized a Taiwanese delicacy, the Brown Sugar Bubble with Milk.

    Despite the complex process, our hand-cooked brown sugar and the traditional method of preparing our bubble remain the key to the drink’s deliciousness. In addition to their unique texture and taste, none of our drinks contains aroma chemicals or food coloring. It is delicious and light on the stomach.

    Kabob Land

    If you’re having trouble deciding what to choose, just know that everything we serve is made fresh daily! That means no matter what you end up getting it’s going to be made from only the best, freshest delivered ingredients! Treat yourself to the best from the Middle East.

    Hula Poke


    Bar Burrito

    Ever since we opened the first Barburrito, we’ve built on our reputation of offering great quality Tex-Mex food, fresh, fast, and without compromise. We may not be the only burrito in town, but we’ve certainly raised the bar. Find out what you’ve been missing at Barburrito.

    Mia Pasta

    Founded in 2007, Mia Pasta was born out of a desire to provide quick, effective services with all the advantages of a traditional restaurant and high quality, healthy and balanced cuisine.

    Following its significant initial success, Mia Pasta now has 13 franchises and continues to grow with the goal of becoming the market’s number one destination for relaxed, quick-service dining. Our network owes its success to the excellence of our franchisees, the work of our Mia Pasta team members and the exceptional quality of our food.


    Every morning, Chachi’s receives its fresh-baked buns from local bakeries. We believe you need a great bun for a great sandwich. Then we prepare our sauces and spreads from scratch. Our passion for quality continues with exotic spices, fresh produce, and an honest effort to make our recipes in-house and from scratch. We hope you can taste our enthusiasm for the best ingredients in every sandwich, and every bite!

    CRAFT Beer Market

    A trip to Portland, Oregon – the craft beer capital of America – gave CRAFT founder PJ l’Heureux a glimpse of the emerging shift toward craft brewing and local food. He envisioned creating a place where people could enjoy fresh local food and beers from all over the world under one roof. And so the idea for CRAFT Beer Market was born. As it happens, people everywhere love to enjoy great food and drinks in a welcoming environment (big surprise!) – and we’re passionate about delivering just that.


    Milestones is the perfect destination to celebrate your milestone occasions – big or small! Our chefs are inspired by premium ingredients from around the world to create the perfect culinary pairings for your life’s milestones. We are known for our house made dishes, our seasonally-inspired menus, and our passion for food. Milestones has a stylish yet comfortable atmosphere and a ‘guest obsessed’ service philosophy.