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  • IHOP

    Long-standing chain serving a wide variety of pancakes & other American breakfast & diner fare.

    Candy Heaven

    Candy Heaven is here to take you to the amazing land of sweets and candies. We don’t just share candies, we share happiness and memories!

    Everyone needs sweetness in their lives, and our goal is to spread it as far as possible. With Candy Heaven, we aim to source out and stock products from all corners of the world to satisfy your requests and cravings!

    Mr. Pretzels

    Using only the finest quality natural ingredients, our pretzel dough is prepared on the spot, hand rolled in front of our guests. Freshness and taste are guaranteed. No wonder our guests keep coming back for more in shopping centers across the world. We serve thousands of freshly-baked pretzels every day. Our pretzels are made with whole wheat, are low in fat and contain no preservatives. Bite into our delicious pretzels and you get flavor, freshness and nutrition in one.

    Purdy’s Chocolatier

    Purdy’s is proud to offer our customers a truly unique and exceptional chocolate experience. A commitment to filling our chocolate case with both well-loved flavours and innovative new creations has grown Purdy’s from a tiny shop on Vancouver’s Robson Street in 1907,to Canada’s leading national Chocolatier. Family-owned and operated since 1963, Purdy’s chocolates are still crafted in small batches, hand-marked, and use only the freshest ingredients. Everyone has a favourite, and every chocolate has a story.

    Dairy Queen / Orange Julius

    Dairy Queen treats including the unbeatable Blizzard, soft-serve sundaes, and cones. Orange Julius Originals and Premium Fruit Smoothies, as well as gourmet hot dogs.


    The original POP! Since 1983 Kernels Popcorn has been making a sensational range of unique popcorn flavours for the ideal snack time. With popcorn for every personality, whether salty or sweet, spicy or cheesy, decadent or low-fat, you’re sure to find a flavour as unique as you.

    Yogen Früz

    Yogen Früz® is a world leader in the frozen yogurt category offering made-to-order healthy frozen treats. Choose from smoothies, milkshakes, acai bowls, frozen yogurt, and fresh juices. Ü choose the fruits and we freshly blend it for Ü, right before your eyes! Customize your order and choose from gluten-free, dairy-free, no sugar added, low fat, and no fat options to fit your diet. Each serving has added probiotics and antioxidants to support a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Tim Hortons

    At the heart of Tim Hortons is a commitment to quality and a sense of honest dependability that our millions of customers have come to count on. It’s reflected in everything we do and make. Whether it’s the freshness of our coffee and baked goods, or in the numerous ways we give back to the communities we serve, Tim Hortons is about caring for our customers and our neighbourhoods.

    Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut

    Our official company name is Cocoa Community Confections Inc., but most people call us Cococo. From our Calgary chocolate factory, we handcraft delicious and award-winning fine cocoa confectionery including Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut™ products.


    Cinnzeo is a unique café style bakery that specializes in producing in-house oven hot Cinnamon Rolls and fantastic coffee worldwide. Buy one with a coffee or purchase a takeout pack to take home. It’s a sweet treat you can’t resist! A proudly Canadian company.