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  • Tuk Tuk Thai

    Now open! Tuk Tuk Thai opened in 2015 with a mission: To serve handmade authentic Thai food based on natural ingredients and traditional Thai family recipes. Our ‘fast and flavourful’ promise means our meals – freshly prepared by hand on site – are served quickly, without compromising quality. Packaged in our distinctive lotus flower-shaped takeout box, your meal from Tuk Tuk Thai is sure to surprise and delight.

    TiNi Vietnamese

    We are proud to offer the very best of Traditional Vietnamese Cuisine, using only the freshest ingredients available. Visit us today and enjoy the relaxed surroundings and delicious Vietnamese Food that TiNi has to offer!

    Kabob Land

    If you’re having trouble deciding what to choose, just know that everything we serve is made fresh daily! That means no matter what you end up getting it’s going to be made from only the best, freshest delivered ingredients! Treat yourself to the best from the Middle East.

    Mia Pasta

    Founded in 2007, Mia Pasta was born out of a desire to provide quick, effective services with all the advantages of a traditional restaurant and high quality, healthy and balanced cuisine.

    Following its significant initial success, Mia Pasta now has 13 franchises and continues to grow with the goal of becoming the market’s number one destination for relaxed, quick-service dining. Our network owes its success to the excellence of our franchisees, the work of our Mia Pasta team members and the exceptional quality of our food.

    Hula Poke


    Bar Burrito

    Ever since we opened the first Barburrito, we’ve built on our reputation of offering great quality Tex-Mex food, fresh, fast, and without compromise. We may not be the only burrito in town, but we’ve certainly raised the bar. Find out what you’ve been missing at Barburrito.

    Dairy Queen / Orange Julius

    Dairy Queen treats including the unbeatable Blizzard, soft-serve sundaes, and cones. Orange Julius Originals and Premium Fruit Smoothies, as well as gourmet hot dogs.


    Every morning, Chachi’s receives its fresh-baked buns from local bakeries. We believe you need a great bun for a great sandwich. Then we prepare our sauces and spreads from scratch. Our passion for quality continues with exotic spices, fresh produce, and an honest effort to make our recipes in-house and from scratch. We hope you can taste our enthusiasm for the best ingredients in every sandwich, and every bite!

    Manchu Wok

    Manchu WOK makes Chinese classics fresh – right in front of you. An entire menu of ideas – including rice, noodle and vegetable dishes – are prepared from ingredients fresh from the farm and cooked to order in high-heat woks to seal in natural flavours and juices. All fresh. As is Manchu WOK’s list of all your favourites – from orange or lemon chicken to BBQ pork, beef and broccoli, and butterfly shrimp. And no MSG added. Ever.

    Edo Japan

    Edo Japan is what fresh is all about – hot, fast and delicious food, prepared in a traditional Teppan-style, locking in the goodness of the freshest ingredients. Our signature dishes are Sukiyaki Beef and Teriyaki Chicken, and we have expanded to include shrimp, yakisoba noodles, udon soup, sushi and other delicious fresh creations.