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  • Think Stunning (Now Open)

    Think Stunning is more than a boutique, it’s a place filled with stories, love, with an incredible community of talented women that create one-of-a-kind products.
    Together throughout a collaboration process, we made our dreams possible, together we help our families, and created financial stability.

    Think Stunning is currently supporting twenty-five women, most of them from Canada, however, we also offer handmade products by women in Latin America. The dream is to keep expanding and to be the window to showcase unique products in Canada made by women from around the world.

    Givygift shop (Now Open)

    We are Ella and Ruby, and have decided to open Givygift shop! We are sisters that hope to open an adorable and affordable Jewelry shop located in Saskatoon and Calgary. Our dream is to have a place where girls can take home affordable and high-quality Jewelry. We have been living in Saskatoon for years and have become surprised with how expensive quality jewelry sells for. We are excited to update various new designs daily, and cannot wait to make jewelry just for you!

    Elysian Boutique

    Clothing for the Free Spirited

    Love Hard. Love Wild

    Forever 21 at Hudson’s Bay

    Born in Los Angeles on April 16, 1984, Forever 21 quickly became the destination for trendy offerings at irresistible prices.  Forever 21 is known for an extensive assortment of fashion and accessories for women and men. As a global retail powerhouse, Forever 21 operates stores strategically placed all over the world.

    Located on the lower level inside of Hudson’s Bay.


    ILAHUI is a leisure lifestyle brand that has become a leader in providing stylish products for price conscious shoppers. ILAHUI draws inspiration from the enthusiasm of the present young people. We are inspired by their life-loving outlook and their positive attitude towards freedom. This is showcased by the fashionable and intelligent design of our lifestyle products. The ILAHUI brand integrates fresh and natural design elements to create the trendiest items of the season, made for sophisticated shoppers who are looking for quality products at great prices.

    Drops Of Gratitude

    Drops of Gratitude is a company that thrives on making you and the people in your life feel special, valued and simply appreciated. We specialize in semi-precious gemstone energy and essential oils. .

    Using only the most natural materials and essential oils, Drops of Gratitude has designed gifts that will be sure to compliment anyone.

    Our unique approach will appeal to the free-spirited boho’s as well as the simple, timeless and classic inspired lovers.

    Collab (New Location)

    Now Open in a new location!

    We have always been huge fans of local and supporting the community as much as we can. We think collab is a great opportunity to share this love with everyone.

    The local community is vibrant and full of amazingly talented creators but we thought it was missing something. Our hope is that collab fills that void. Not just a store but a place where local makers can collaborate and show off their amazing skills and artistry.

    Hillberg & Berk

    Hillberg & Berk is a company driven to impact the women’s empowerment movement through our branding, design and distribution of jewellery and accessories. Through education, inspiration and opportunity, we are women empowering women — one sparkle at a time.


    Little Things, Big Joy

    We have a sneaking suspicion the little things in life aren’t actually the little things. In fact we think they might be the big things. Little moments that bring you joy, or when you bring joy to someone else, we think those just might be what life is all about. So yes, you could call us a jewelry store — our online and standalone stores showcase collections from our favourite designers all over the world, but you could also call us a place where we celebrate the little things, especially delicate, beautiful and wearable little things.

    Claire’s Boutique

    Claire’s offers the country’s largest selection of fashion accessories — what’s hot, what’s not, what’s the latest style… Claire’s has it all for children and teens!