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    CANstruction with Southcentre and The Calgary Food Bank

    Experience the incredible fusion of creativity, compassion, and community at CANstruction Calgary, hosted by Southcentre Mall. This unique event brings together teams of talented engineers, designers, architects, and builders to compete in designing and constructing extraordinary structures made entirely out of non-perishable food items.

    From April 5 to April 21, 2024, come marvel at the CAN-do spirit of our community, cast your vote for the coolest creation, and join us in supporting the Calgary Food Bank. It’s time to CAN-struct a difference, one can at a time!

    Discover the Display

    Retro Toys & Games, You CAN Play

    Ready for a blast from the past? This year, we’re throwing it back with a playful twist on nostalgia – “Retro Toys & Games, You CAN Play.” Celebrating Southcentre Mall’s golden 50th anniversary, our can-structures will whisk you away to the good old days of pixelated video games and classic toys. It’s a trip down memory lane, but with a creative CAN-struction spin! Perfect for families, game enthusiasts, and anyone who loves a sprinkle of retro magic.

    Let the games begin and may the best CAN-structure win!

    About The Calgary Food Bank

    At the heart of CANstruction Calgary’s efforts is the Calgary Food Bank, the city’s primary charitable food hub and a beacon of hope for many. With an unwavering commitment to accessibility and support, the Food Bank stands as a crucial ally in the fight against hunger. It’s not just about providing meals; it’s about nurturing the well-being of families, individuals, and organizations across Calgary, ensuring no one has to face the day on an empty stomach.

    With +40,000 cans anticipated to be donated this year, the teams will create structures that will be judged and on display in Centre Court and then all the food used in the designs will go to the Calgary Food Bank. With demand for Emergency Food Hampers still increasing, this donation will help fill more than 30,000 hampers in just one month.

    The Calgary Food Bank has seen unprecedented demand. With the costs of living rising, more people are struggling to make ends meet. The community needs help more than ever. Only 0.4% of funding comes from government, it is critical for the community to take action to provide health and nutritious food support.

    Let’s help one individual at a time. We invite you to make a donation below.

    Help Feed Calgary

    Retro Toys & Games, You CAN Play

    Visit Centre Court to experience the larger-than-life retro displays from April 5 to April 21.


    Battleship - CANquer Hunger by Associated Engineering Ltd.

    CAN count: 4,800

    The Battleship is at your command. Witness the epic battle to sink hunger unfold before your eyes. Strategically place your can on the grid, sit back, and watch as the battleship takes aim, vanquishing hunger. Powered by tuna and salmon, this ship is ready to catch food shortages, hook line- and sink them with the help of the Calgary Food Bank.

    Hungry Pac-Man by Bantrel

    CAN count: 2,572

    The retro video game Pac-Man was originally released in 1980. The name is derived from the Japanese word Paku, meaning ‘chomp’. Players control Pac-Man through a maze eating flashing dots. Some dots are special and enable Pac-Man to chase and eat ghosts, gaining the player extra points.

    In #TeamBantrel’s Shepherd’s Pie Recipe, Pac-Man stands out in iconic yellow and red. Pac man is built from turkey cans, the protein of our recipe. The teal-coloured potato and mixed vegetable cans represent fleeing ghosts and serve as the filling. Last, but certainly not least, the maze walls are made of a delicious gravy used to enrich the flavour of the filling.

    We aimed for a simple, yet tasty recipe that can be prepared with minimal utensils. From our design, 260 delicious pies packed with 38g of protein per serving (or 76%of daily value) can be made in under 45 minutes.

    Jump to New Heights with Old School Mario by Calgary Co-op and Elan Construction

    CAN count: 7,553

    Introducing a captivating structure that pays homage to the iconic Super Mario Brothers video game – a stunning creation made entirely of cans.

    This extraordinary masterpiece is meticulously designed with attention to the intricate details to creating an eye-popping piece.

    Each can is strategically placed to form a pixel-perfect representation of the beloved Mario and obstacles from the game. The classic controller brings the design together to give the full video game effect.

    Prepare to be amazed as you marvel at the meticulous craftsmanship and creative brilliance that captures the essence of this beloved game.

    Through our can selection we picked colours true to original colouring of the popping aesthetic that is Super Mario Brothers.

    It’s-a-me, Calgary! by The City of Calgary

    CAN count: 4,780

    Our structure is of 16-bit Mario jumping out of a manhole, as he welcomes you to CANstruction 2024. The character is from Super Mario World 1990, tying into this year’s nostalgic retro theme.

    Our structure also highlights the amazing work done by Water Services at The City of Calgary to ensure essential services, such as drinking water, stormwater collection, and wastewater treatment, are consistently delivered to Calgarians.

    We chose red and white as our color scheme to represent our colleagues’ hard work; our city would not be the same without these services!

    Can-Man Sketch Delight by Detechtion Technologies

    CAN count: 2,000

    Detechtion Technologies is excited to join CANstruction 2024, displaying “Can-Man Sketch Delight”. Infused with the essence of retro toys and games, our CanArt® structure blends Pac-Man and Etch-a-Sketch.

    The Etch-a-Sketch illustration captures the iconic Pac-Man merrily devouring a food can. It was a blast from the past to participate it this year’s event and support the Calgary Food Bank!

    You Sunk My Battleship! by Fluor Canada Ltd.

    CAN count: 3,990

    As kids, we were able to expand the classic Battleship! boardgame into a full-fledged naval strategy adCANture using our imaginations. Unfortunately, some kids must use their imaginations in order to see a full meal. Per the Calgary Food Bank’s 2022 Report, over 30% of people who accessed the food bank in Calgary are younger than 17. However, with the help of doCANtions and volunteer efforts from Calgarians like you, we CAN combat hunger and help to sink food insecurity into obliviCAN!

    CAN you Retro Sketch? by Spartan Controls

    CAN count: 2,428

    Do you remember how the Old Games brought us together? We were ALL outside playing, no matter the weather.

    We still love the old games that we played when we were small. Laughing and screaming and kicking every sort of ball.

    Do you recall playing with Marbles? And playing with Game Boys? Do you remember Kick the Can? And those Four-Wheeler Toys?

    Do you recall Tetris? and Lego? and Tamagotchi? and ye old Etch-a-Sketch?

    Do you remember Care Bears? and Donkey Kong? and playing Rover and Fetch?

    CanStruction is a way we can still play and to come together as a team!

    We have had so much fun making this Retro Design, to fight hunger, the ultimate dream!

    And as WE think back on all of the retro games that we have played, it’s those Friendships AND Memories that we would never trade.

    Can't Hisss-itate: Ladder Escape by Suncor

    CAN count: 8,700

    This structure is a blast from the past wrapped in creativity. Picture a towering structure made entirely of cans, each one chosen for its colorful label and playful vibe.

    Tuna snack cans take the spotlight here, adding pops of color and bringing the game’s images to life. It’s like diving into a memory of family game nights and laughter.

    As you wind your way through the twists and turns of the game board, you can’t help but feel the joy of simpler times.

    “Can’t Hisss-itate: Ladder Escape!” isn’t just a game—it’s a reminder of the fun we share and the magic of retro gaming.

    Donkey Kong CAN Country by Tri Innovations

    CAN count: 4,404

    Donkey Kong CAN Country is Tri Innovations’ tribute to the classic 8-bit video game, reimagined through the lens of CANstruction. Utilizing canned food, we’ve crafted a nostalgic Donkey Kong scene to not only celebrate retro gaming but also support our community by donating the cans to local food banks post-event. This project embodies our dedication to innovation, community service, and the timeless appeal of games you CAN play.

    Our can selection is comprised of a variety of food items and labels to support our design. Colors selected include beige, brown, navy blue, white and red, which were chosen to match the nostalgic Donkey Kong Retro theme.

    How You CAN Get Involved

    Come on down, make a donation, and cast your vote to be part of this CAN-tastic cause! We’re accepting nonperishable food items on-site. Need to shop? Dollarama, Shoppers and Safeway got you covered.

    To celebrate the hard work of everyone involved, on April 20 teams will be competing to win a trophy in the following categories: 

    1. Structural Ingenuity
    2. Best Meal
    3. Best Use of Labels
    4. People’s Choice Award

    Cast your vote below and follow us on social to see if your favourite CANstructure wins!

    People's Choice Award