Triple Flip

2nd Floor


Store Description

Triple Flip is a tween girls’ brand that began in Calgary, Canada in 2005, when they recognized that girls needed a brand that really “got” them. They needed a brand that was fun, aspirational, that fit their bodies and active lifestyles and helped them define who they are, at that time in their lives when everything is changing.


Triple Flip knows that the experiences girls have as a tween will have an impact on their self-esteem that may last the rest of their lives. Triple Flip takes a stand against fashion that sends the wrong message to girls about who they should be or what their bodies need to look like. Based on actual feedback from tweens, they’ve created their own unique design aesthetic made specifically for tween girls. Triple Flip believes that a fashion brand can be more and do more than just sell stuff. Triple Flip believes they can transform the future by impacting the experience girls have when they look in the mirror and respond to their image!

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