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Each cup of New York Fries is cooked right when you order to ensure you get the best fries possible, hot and crisp on the outside, and fluffy like a baked potato on the inside. At New York Fries, we are committed to using only premium ingredients to make each cup of REAL FRESH FRIES. When you are going to have fries, they have to be NEW YORK FRIES!


New York Fries: New Beef Chili Poutine

Feb 09 - Mar 31

New – Chili Poutine and Chili Cheese Fries at New York Fries! Now there are 2 new ways to enjoy NYF’s beef chili: as a poutine, with our real Quebec cheese curds, or as Chili Fries with cheese sauce and sour cream. Either way it’s a game changer!
*Available at participating restaurants

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