Southcentre Holiday Collection

Nov 29 - Jan 01

        Old Coal          

November 13 - December 24th

Handmade Chocolates


                  Santa and Me                

October 15th - December 31st

Personalized Ornaments


         My Hidden Jewelry        

November 13th - December 31st

Bath Bombs


                 Stage West                     

November 22nd - December 24th

Dinner Theatre Tickets


                   Hickory Farms                

November 6th - December 31st

Food Items and Gift Baskets


              Calendar Club                

November 13th - December 31st

Annual Calendars and Gifts


       Market Spot Pop Up Shop     

December 14th - 17th

A collection of locally made artisan products


              PARK Pop Up Shop            

November 24th-26th and December 8th-10th

A collection of local fashion apparel and accessories


                 Local Flavour                

November 1st - February 15th

Three popular food trucks, one colourful space



November 1st - December 31st

Pajamas for the whole family


                       Just Cozy                      

October 1st - January 7th

Cozy Leggings and Blanket Scarves


                     DNA Dresscode             

November 1st - December 31st

Women's Apparel and Accessories



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